Here and very much now! Just ask 10 million people who have visited the Nikeland in Roblox experience since its launch at the end of 2021 or think about €1.9 billion worth of digital land already sold across the top ten virtual world platforms, like Decentraland, Sandbox and others.


At any given time Metaverse will be all (and more) of the following – social destination, retail place, gaming platform, educational facility, healthcare space –  the universally accepted definition for Metaverse and what it will deliver is yet to be established, but it is already clear that Metaverse will serve as a digital extension to nearly everything that the real world offers.


How and when will Metaverse fully develop is important, but, probably, not as important as whether you decide to grow along or continue to act as if nothing major is happening – with you, your business and the world around. We will be very happy to help you enter Metaverse – in a way and manner that suits you and your brand best.


The team

Sergei Balabonin

Creative Director / Strategist

Heigo Heinleht

Art Director


The family

Optimist / Virtual belongs to Optimist Group –

a full service unit comprised of 12 companies

residing in Estonia, Germany and India.


Award-winning creative

agency with offices

in Estonia, Germany and India.


New generation PR agency focused on creative solutions.


Result driven digital

marketing agency focused

on new media.


Motion design studio

focused on creating


get shot.png

Event marketing agency that creates conceptual events.

Consulting agency focused on helping companies enter the German market.

Unorthodox agency

that never says no to

a marketing challenge.

Printing and production house with creative approach.

Dynamic full-service film production house.


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